Emporio Elaborazioni Meccaniche | BMW R1200r “TITANO” - Moto custom di alto artigianato in Roma


Emporio Elaborazioni Meccaniche | BMW R1200r “TITANO” - Moto custom di alto artigianato in Roma

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Interview for Pipeburn.com


– Tell us the latest about you/your shop.
..italian special bike builder shop from Rome.

– What style of bike is it? (cafe? scrambler? other?)
gosh it’s hard to say… i should say street scrambler or a big fat crossover 🙂

– What make, model and year of bike is it?
my 2007 of a bmw r1200r a pure street touring bike

– Do you have a name for the bike?
the bike is called Titano cause is the name of the particular grey used on the tank and it means Big and strong in italian

– Where did you find the bike? 
from the customer

– What was your inspiration for the build? 
we started from our Cobra because our customer asked us a a180’’ as front wheel after watching the Cobra Transalp so this was the first big issue too solve after we have given an elegant look and feel to balance the global aesthetic without forgetting the bike should be comfortable for 2 persons!
the aim was give a sort of british smell to this bavarian fast and big bike . Dopz as usually did some sketches and driven all the building process.

– Can you run us through the build process? 
using a part of Ducati frame we built the front frame in place of the bmw telelever. we reduced a bit the grades of the Steering Tube to make the bike easier to ride.
Built the machined triple tree very big cause the fork was very distant we fit the front tyre and put front fork from a Multistrada.
after we started to fit the tank. we did not start from scratch cause we need to visualize faster a maquette. after many tries we decide for and old gpz tank we modified to fit the frame. this meant an external fuel pump (big cause the r1200r need a big pressure).
following the front part, Dopz decided to build a rear frame on the stock frame to make the bike more classic as style.

the ugly thing was when we decide to change the external pump position for a safety reason… and this fuckd up all the fuel feeding tubes position too. so we had to weld new tube connections on the tank and the tank was perfectly prepaired to be painted (included the external fuel visor)…
the last welding point makes the tank exploded , a small explosion fortunately cause it was clean inside and full of water … we do not know why (maybe vapors) it happened…(FUCK!).. wow what an heart attack! after checked everything was ok we realize the tank was kaput!
so we throw away the finished tank and restart all the works with another one, bought on ebay…

fixed this issue, we did the seat for 2 people and fitted all the parts include 2 more lights (big bmw classic) a new instrument, a plate holder.
– What was the hardest part of the build? (100 words)
technically the front frame cause you have to front many issues from security to driveability from style to technical… as time the tanks… now you know why …:-)
– What do you like best about the finished bike? (100 words)
it seems a bmw stock model not a special heavy transformed bike… i like this. it means it’s strange (we say arrogant and elegant) but well balanced
– Who took the photos?
the mighty Ducati official photographer: Fabrizio Porrozzi


Emporio Elaborazioni Meccaniche | BMW R1200r “TITANO” - Moto custom di alto artigianato in Roma